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Welcome to Deshkan Ziibiing

(Chippewas of the Thames)

Chippewas of the Thames First Nation

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The Deshkan Ziibiing Language, Culture & Heritage Department is mandated by a Language Declaration adopted in 2010 which is committed to foster positive attitudes and promote Anishinaabemowin for all  Deshkan Ziibiing members by maintaining and restoring our language, values and culture.  Further to this, according to the Community Comprehensive Plan (July 2012-2020), we are committed to a statement of values that guides our work in the development of curriculum, community healing programs, social development, justice, land claims settlements, governance development and other relevant community initiatives.

As a result, the Language, Culture & Heritage department are committed to provide services in language revitalization; curriculum development, cultural awareness & sensitivity sessions; ongoing cultural events and maintaining the history of Deshkan Ziibiing Nation.